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How to draw a leaf

Leaf is the main photosynthetic organ of plant. It is a laterally, flattened structure borne at a node.It usually has a bud in its axil. Leaf constitutes the main photosynthetic organ of plants owing to the presence of chloroplasts and chlorophyll. A leaf consists to three parts viz Lamina , Petiole and leaf base. The expanded portion of the leaf is called the Lamina. 

Now let`s draw the leaf.

Leaf have four main features which should be considered while drawing. They are petiole, leaf margin, leaf apex and overall shape.Here the leaf
has wavy margin and very small petiole. Observe the reticulated venation and smooth texture of leaf.

Step 1:

Draw oblique mid vein first with free hand.
Roughly draw the margins of the leaf in faint curves as shown.
Represent tiny petiole of leaf also.

Step 2: 

Define the midrib with second line, draw only with free hand.Note that midrib gradually sharpens to tip.

Make the faint lines thick.

Mark the positions of the lateral veins.

 Step 3:

Draw the lateral veins by observing the specimen leaf. Pay close attention to pattern of veins and vein lets on leaf.

 Step 4:

Draw the veinlets as shown and label the parts
Continued:-It has a number of veins and veinlets. Prominent vein in  the middle is known as Midrib. Rate of leaf production, thickness of leaf, shape and area of leaves and their orientation to light and periods up to which leaves are retained are some of the factors that determine plant productivity.

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