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How to draw Human kidneys

Kidneys are a pair of excretory organs located in lower back of our body.Each kidney is  Reddish brown,bean shaped and measures 10-12 cm in length and 5-6cms in width. It weighs approximately 140 gms. There is a concavity in the inner side called Hilus. The renal artery, renal veins and ureter pass through this depressions  of kidneys.Each kidney contains 1,000,000–1,250,000 nephrons that filter the  blood.Nephrons are functional units of kidneys that filter blood and maintain Homeostasis.

Now let's start drawing Human kidney. We can use two oval shapes to develop the shape of  kidneys, a bit of symmetry is equally needed to draw in proportions, hence we use few reference lines.

1.Draw two parallel lines horizontally for positioning the two kidneys.

Draw a vertical line at center.

Draw two oval shapes on either sides equidistant from central line.

2. Draw concavities on inner sides of both kidneys as shown.

3.Now draw two blood vessels on either sides of central line.

4.Connect both kidneys with renal arteries as shown.Erase a part of overlapping blood vessel behind while drawing towards another kidney.

5.Draw Renal veins from another blood vessel behind as shown.

6.Draw Urinary bladder at the center below as shown.

7. Draw a pair of curves from lower side of kidneys as shown

8. Complete the pair of Ureters connected to Urinary bladder as shown.

Label the parts as shown

Cont:- The Renal veins carry impure blood with wastes into region called Medulla where several Nephrons are arranged. High pressure of blood  in these structures drives ultra filtration which separates most of the liquid contents including excretory wastes and useful components. The useful components and water are reabsorbed back into blood and final urine is formed in Pelvis of kidney.The urine flows down through Ureters into Urinary bladder where it is temporarily stored.

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