How to draw human brain

Human brain is one of the most complex and magnificent organs in the human body. Our brain gives us self consciousness and consciousness of our environment, processing a constant stream of sensory data. The brain’s neurons record the memory of every event in our lives.It is the organ which coordinates several muscular moments, analyzes the streams data from sensory organs, controls secretions of glands,memorizes the past experiences, controls the emotions and thoughts with touch of judgement and intelligence.Every creative thought, feeling, and plan is developed by our brain.

Brain is dome shaped mass of soft nervous tissue protected by bony case called Cranium.It is command center of human nervous system. It receives information in the form of electrical and impulses, analyzes them and generates appropriate out put signal to the muscles.Human brain is largest in size in proportion to body  when compared to other animals.It weighs about 1.5kgs consuming 20% of total oxygen and glucose in body. 

Human brain can be drawn from something like egg shape.The front of brain should be narrow and back should be broad as shown.

Step 1:
Draw a basic shape of brain as show
n in the figure.Ensure that the lines are faint you need to erase them later.

Step 2:
Make wavy curves along the upper side of the brain.
Divide the cerebrum in to lobes by lines as shown.
Draw brain stem from middle of brain as shown.
Step 3:
Draw folds on the cerebrum as shown.

Cerebellum should have the distinctive lines as shown.


Label the parts as shown on left. 

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