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How to draw TS of spinal cord

Transverse section of spinal cord, shows butterfly shaped or  'H' shaped grey mater. Each segment of H shaped grey mater is called Horn. The upper horns are called Dorsal horns, and the lower horns are called Ventral horns. In the middle of the grey mater is a canal called Spinal canal. It runs all along the length of the spinal cord and is filled with cerebro spinal fluid. 

   From the sides of spinal cord, 31 pairs of nerves take their origin one from each side and supply branches to various parts of the body. Basic function of spinal cord is to act as a relay station-receiving information from various parts of the body parts below the head and send this information to brain. Similarly, it receives information from brain and sends this information to other parts of the body. In addition to this spinal cord also plays a major role in the reflex actions.

1.Draw a inverted apple shape as shown in figure.

2.Make a loop at bottom, make two protrusions at the tip.

3.Draw spinal canal at center and mark four lines in position for dorsal horns.

4.Draw grey mater as shown in figure.

5.Draw ridges along the grey mater as shown.

6. Draw the star patterns in grey matter as shown.

7.Make several curves along contour 

8.Put several neat dots in white mater.

9. Draw outer Pia mater as shown.

10.Label the parts as shown.

The same shape of  TS of spinal cord can be used for drawing  reflex arc.Read more here.


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