How to draw Plant cell

Plant cells are covered by cell wall, it is a unique feature observed in plant cells. While the cell membrane acts as the outer layer in animal cells. The plant`s cell wall is made up of Cellulose. This is considered as major difference between plant cell and an animal cell. The green parts of plants such as leaves, have cells which contain chloroplasts. Which is considered as another unique feature of plant cells. Let`s see how to draw a typical plant cell.

1. Draw a Hexagon as shown in figure.

2. Draw 6 radiating lines  as shown.

3.Draw the double line as shown. Observe carefully the pattern of lines drawn, it may be little confusing first.

4. Make the middle lamellum thick

5. Draw along the inner side of plant cell as shown.
6. Draw another line in side to represent plasma membrane.

7.Draw Nucleus and it's components as shown.
8. Draw cell organelles namely Endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Chloroplasts, Mitochondria, vacuole.
9.Erase cell wall in some places and draw Plasmodesmata that connects adjacent cells.

10.Label the parts as shown.

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Matured plant cells of Xylem accumulate Subarin, Lignin cell wall materials and eventually grow more tougher and stronger giving mechanical strength to tree trunks. 



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