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How to draw LS of kidney

The LS of kidney shows outer dark zone called the cortex and inner pale red zone called medulla which forms the main mass of the kidney. The medulla is made of number of pyramidal structures containing renal tubules or Nephrons projecting into the cavity towards the inner region of kidney called pelvis.This
is the region where renal artery and renal vein enter the kidney. Free end of pelvis shows cup like depressions called calyces. Renal pyramids of medulla project into these calyces.Now, lets`s start drawing the diagram. Here we go.

1.Draw a bean shape as shown in figure

2.Erase the depression and make it double lined.
3Draw the Pelvis and ureter coming out of the opening.

4.Mark about seven radiating lines along  the inner  curvature.

5.Draw the renal pyramids as shown along the inner curvature of kidney.

6.Draw Calyces connecting the renal pyramids as shown in figure.

7.Mark several lines that represent Nephrons in each renal pyramid and draw 
    renal vein and real artery  as shown.

8.Label the parts neatly as shown in figure below.



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