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How to draw LS of Datura flower

Flower is organ of sexual reproduction in higher plants. Flowers have stalk called pedicel, the upper swollen part of pedicel is called thalamus. All the parts of the flower are arranged in whorls. A typical flower consists of outer whorl of green sepals called Calyx, which protects the parts within. The second whorl has petals called Corolla which are usually brightly coloured.

Petals are soft and are useful to attract insects for cross-pollination. The third whorl of the flower consists of Stamens called Androecium, which are male reproductive organs. The inner most fourth whorl in Gynoecium or Pistil. It consist of ovary, style and stigma.Let`s draw a datura flower Lateral section. Here we go.

Observe the proportions and shape of floral parts below carefully before you draw.
The style is long and slender with Rhoboidal shaped stigma. The anthers are
bi lobed. The ovary appears very small, however we will slightly draw it big to represent the minute ovules.


1.Draw a inverted triangle with a vertical line at the center.Make the bottom round as shown.

2.Draw ovary at the bottom and extend the style to top and end with flat round stigma.

3.Mark 2 oblique lines as shown for drawing anthers.

 4.Draw a pair of anther as shown using reference lines.

5.Extend the filaments from the anthers towards the ovary and expand them at bottom to show the place of attachment with petals.

6.Draw the pedicel and calyx as shown supporting the ovary on the top.

7.Draw the petals as shown starting from sides of the ovary, along previously drawn reference lines.

8.Label the parts neatly as shown.


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