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How to draw a nerve cell ( Neuron)

Nerve cell is functional unit of nervous system.It has mainly two parts the Cyton and Axon.Cyton have several dendrites emerging from surface. Cyton gives rise to Axon from a triangular structure called axon hillock.
Axon of nerve cells sometimes extend to 1 mt length in nerves of leg. Cyton something looks like a star so, it can be drawn from a basic star shape.

 Step 1:
Draw two triangles superimposed as shown resembling a star.
 Step 2:

Erase out the star shape leaving faint edges of the star.
Use the reference edges of star to draw following shape.
 Step 3:

Pull out long axon from lower edge of the star shape.
 Step 4:

Draw nucleus, Nissil granules and tap fine dots for cytoplasm.
Step 5:

Draw fine branches from edges as shown you need little
skill to draw them like roots of plant.

Step 6:

Draw the nerve terminals like fine roots.
Draw Myelin sheath like beads on string, mark a small round to represent nucleus of Schwann cells.Read more about nervous system here.




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