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How to draw internal structure of Human heart - Easy version

Internal structure of human heart shows four chambers viz. two atria and two ventricles and couple of blood vessels opening into them. The wall of two ventricles are strong and sturdy when compared to atria. Before we start, we shall recall  the basic proportions of heart and its chambers. The right Auricle is larger than left. The walls of  Left ventricle are thicker than the walls of Right ventricle.We shall try to incorporate the above details in the diagram for maximum accuracy. In this diagram we have omitted the chordae tendinae for sake of simplicity however I will post it next tutorial "Detailed internal structure of Heart".

Step 1:

Draw a diagonal line from Right to Left using pencil at center of  page.

Mark R and L as shown. Here
our left becomes right on paper.


Draw basic shape of heart showing upper broad and lower tapering end along reference line.

Make sure the right upper corner is little protruding out.

Use only gentle pressure on pencil to draw lightly since it is easy to erase thin faint lines some times.

Step 3:

Make little depressions to mark the grooves that separate the auricles and ventricles.

 Step 4:

Erase the out lines at required places and draw  superior and inferior venacava.

Draw the opening of Pulmonary veins in Left auricle as shown.


Always remember to draw the basic curves of heart in faint lines, using gentle pressure on pencil. Avoid resting hand on the diagram, it may cause smudges. For better results you can use two different pencils, light pencil for basic shape and HB pencil for highlighting.

Step 5:
Draw the inner thickness of muscular heart walls. Ensure walls of auricles are thin and ventricles are thick.
Left ventricle wall should be comparatively thicker than right.
 Step 6:
Draw the systemic aorta originating from left ventricle as shown.
Make a hair pin loop at the top, this forms the Aortic arch of the heart.

In the next step we will start  with Pulmonary Aorta that originates from Right ventricle.

Step 7:
Draw Pulmonary aorta originating from Right ventricle.
To give illusion of Aorta going behind Pulmonary aorta, erase the Aorta near overlapping area. It is little tricky.
Step 8:

Define the ends of pulmonary aorta and draw the valves as shown.
Label the parts neatly.

The internal structure of heart shows four septas that divide the heart into four chambers.They are
1.Interauricular septa
2.Interventricular septa
3.Right auriculo ventricular sepata &
4. Left auriculo ventricular septa. To read more about heart Click here



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