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How to draw chloroplast

Chloroplast is cell organelle which is seen only in plant cells and algal cells. A typical chloroplast is in biconvex shape. It has outer membrane and inner membrane.

The inner membrane encloses viscous fluid called stroma. In stroma there is network of  several piled thylakoids.

Chloroplast is food synthesizing organelle. It prepares food called starch by process called Photosynthesis.

 Step 1:

Draw a double convex shape as shown.

 Step 2:

Draw one more curve upon,  following the contours of below curve.

 Step 3:

Draw about three faint reference  lines inside as shown. These lines help in drawing grana thylakoids in proper orientation.
 Step 4:

Draw about three to five grana along the reference lines as shown.

Step 5:

Connect the grana thylakoids by grana lamellae as shown.

Put several neat dots to represent stroma of chloroplast.

Label the parts neatly as shown.


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