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I am Mr.B.kiran Kumar, High school Biology teacher. I have my Master`s degree in Biotechnology .I teach  biology. I really value the accurate diagrams  while teaching students, hence I have been insisting the same to my students.I made few of my efforts here to present the techniques and easy methods which I used to teach my students. This blog has biology diagrams for class 9, class 10 , class 11. I hope students would use this blog for scoring better marks. This blog is dedicated to the world. I suggest the blog users to bookmark this site so that you can quickly find it again. And also this site is mobile compatible, so, take pleasure in viewing this site on all smart phones.You can write to me on about your personal opinion. 

People who are interested to advertise on this blog do contact me on +919866064597. My blog is viewed by approx 1000 people every day across the world. From India the blog receives 400 views, US 450 views, UK 70 views approx on daily basis. 


  1. Very nice site for students..... Thank you sir for your efforts for us......

  2. really good... so much of hard work put into it


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