How to draw a Rose

Rose is most beautiful flower with bright petals and tantalizing fragrance.This attractive flower is regarded as a symbol of Love. It inspired many Poets, artists, architects and hence it is seen in many Portraits, illustrations and architectural elements. Rose flowers occur in several bright colours such as Red,Yellow,Orange,blue and in several shades too. They are known best as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in outdoors and indoors.When decorated in flower vase, they look awesome. The Rose petals are also used for making perfume.Some Rose cultivars produce fruits  called "Rose hips", they are used to make Jam, Jelly, Marmalade and soup or brewed for tea. Today let's capture the beauty of a simple Rose flower on a paper. Here we go...

1. Draw a arbitrary oval shape that will form the base of Rose flower. Make a another oval shape at the top that shall form the skirt of the flower.

Draw a swollen base below the flower that forms the Ovary, let the stalk of flower be a little curved as shown that adds aesthetic element.

Finish every thing till it looks as shown.

2. Now let's add details of flower. First erase the sketch lines a bit and Draw the first central whorls of petals as shown. Here, I made them with four curves.

As you know the young petals at center  are little bit folded at their tips and  old petals tend to be broader and more folded at the ends. We shall incorporate those details in next figure.

Meanwhile complete two  (pinnate)  leaves as shown at specified positions on the stalk. The leaves are drawn facing flat, in-stud of perspective to give better silhouette  look.

3. Now we shall draw those attractive petals. Draw four to five whorls of petals as shown after a close observation. I have shown a close up of flower in next figure for better comprehension.

4.As the flower bud opens, the outer whorl of petals spread out and curl gracefully.You know, the flowers of most species have five petals except Rosa sericea, which have only four.

Follow, the curves in the figure with precision accuracy, Ones you understand the pattern of arrangement, you can draw several flowers on your own. 

5. Now let`s draw sepals below the flower. A Rose flower have five of them, here in this figure we draw only four assuming the another one on other side.

Pay attention to those natural curvy detail of sepals.

6.Now, make the dented margins of leaves as shown with  few strokes of veins within.

Draw sickle shaped pricks on the stalk as shown.

Remove any stray lines with eraser and thicken along the curves with a extra bold pencil or a fine marker pen to make your drawing standout. 

You can also use felt tipped sketch pen to make your drawing look Iconic.

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A little bit more about Roses:-

The name rose is derived from French, it belongs to family Rosaceae, the leaflets usually have serrated (saw toothed) margins. They are insect-pollinated in nature, but many domestic varieties don`t reproduce by pollination owning to tight petals hindering pollination. The aggregate fruit of rose (Rose-hips) is rich in Vitamin-C, mostly eaten by birds and seed dispersal takes place through their droppings. You know, The rose seeds don`t germinate so easily, they require chill treatment ( stratification) to break seed dormancy.

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